Our Mission

Raffaele Martini Pandozy Ph.D
Founder of the revolutionary
Fitness Innovation from the Inside-Out

(Have you decompressed your spine today?)

The philosophy and mission of Core Fitness System is to design and market fitness equipment and programs that promote the appearance and performance of the body while maintaining and preserving its’ health and integrity “from the inside out.” The philosophy rests on the fundamental and holistic principle that health and fitness are one and the same and equipment must be designed in harmony and synchrony with the body’s dynamics assuring development and safety.
Therefore design and build
1. Equipment that meets the biomechanical structure of the body, especially its articulation of joints, spine and muscle structures.
2. That preserve the health and the integrity of the spine (the central support of the body);  that correct and prevent spinal anomalies and injuries, and enhance performance by equalizing and eliminating the stress applied to the spinal disks during exercises.
3. That maintain and promote proper alignment and natural curvature of the spine during and after exercises.
4. That maintain and improve flexibility of the spine, because a “flexible spine is a healthy spine” therefore achieving maximum degree of resiliency of all ligaments, cartilage and muscles supporting the spinal column.
5. That optimize muscle dynamics of traction and contraction while pursuing the strengthening and endurance of the body.
6. That improve blood circulation in the entire body for  optimal muscles' energy and general health.
7.That improve lymphatic circulation for better cartilage structure and joint lubrication.
8. And that develop spinal awareness of the spinal cord and all brain functions, as to help in the  concentration, management, delivery and recovery of body energy, and improve body performance.

    Over the years, we have witnessed the impressive expansion of the fitness industry with its proliferation of gyms and sports centers around the world, but not its scientific evolution. In all truth, the fitness industry, although emerging from a implicit demand for  health and general well being, is much influenced by various marketing strategies that emphasize cultural trends and vogues rather than performance based the knowledge that affects the physiology of the body.
    What we ought to know about the body to produce peak performance cannot be ignored. The statistics speak clearly. There has been a steady increase in fitness and sport related injuries to the spine of about 8% a year. Therefore, the word “fitness” has lost its true meaning and sense of purpose as body health and evolution. At this point you may ask: How do we instill scientific principles into the industry? If you thoroughly follow the scientific argument below, you will share with me the persuasion that any fitness and exercise programs must, above all, preserve and promote the physical health and integrity of the body.
This is what we mean by "Core Fitness System os about. 
    Our body is made of organic matter, which under movement and stress modifies and strenghtens its molecular and biological structures. We exercise our bodies because movement enhances  blood circulation, cellular renewal, cellular reproduction and cellular reorganization, contributing to better performance, muscle toning, power and vigor of the body. Like any biological living structure, without movement the body is  subject to shrinkage and athrophy. However, non-structural and unscientific exercises  do not satisfy the general holistic dynamic laws and therefore are dangerous to the body. This is both a problem of specificity and generality at the center of Core Fitness System Inc. as a research group. It is a scientific fact that muscle dynamics demand  comprehensive exercise stress movements of traction, contraction and torque to satisfy their full dynamics. In general terms. Ultimately, what the body needs is maximum oxygen and hemoglobin in the blood supply as well as sufficient lymphatic fluids tot satisfy the resilient qualities of bone cartilage, nerves, tendons and muscle tissues for peak performance.

Decompressing the spine: As a matter of pure physical laws, any type of exercise, whether performed freely or with the help of machines, does no less than reducing the intervertebral space and compressing the spinal discs. These adverse solicitations thus injure the spine (the central support of the body), unless we understand its scientific dynamic, equalize, isolate, protect and support this vulnerable part of the body. The first question is how do you control and equalize the stress to the spine while exercising? The answer is: it is a simple dynamic principle: if you exercise and compress the spine, you must decompress it afterwards.
     Exercising without applying the knowledge of body dynamics means to compromise the correct mobility and alignment of the spine, which causes disc laceration, disc hernia, vertebral dislocation and misalignment, pinched nerves and other disorders to the spinal cord.  For sure, compressing-without-decompressing is the road to serious short and long-term injuries.
    Compressing without decompressing accelerates the thinning and the wearing of the intervetebral discs to the point of producing bone-to-bone contact of the vertebrae of the spine, which causes arthritis, a deterioration commonly attributed to aging. One would not want to accelerate the process of aging while exercising. Running, jumping, machine induced exercising, and especially weight lifting, should be followed by a few minutes of decompressing of the spinal discs and realignment of the spine. So far, hardly any gym has adopted this important practice. And how do you decompress the spine? The answer is: only with our Motorized Inversion Gravity Machine.
The Core Fitness System’s Motorized Inversion Machine will gently lift your body upside down, allow a gradual natural stretch of the "fascia" ligaments of the spine from the bottom up, the opening of the intervertebral space and thus the lymphatic refurbishing of the discs, which are the shock absorbers of the spine. Unlike the common inversion tables, this machine is very sensitive and easily controlled thus it is particularly indicated for rehabilitation, especially after surgery when gradual stretching of the ligaments is needed. A sensitive switch and electronic device allow the reverse gravity of the body inch by inch. Dr. Pandozy recommends to attend this practice before and after workout: before, because it creates the optimal blood circulation and conditions for better performance of any sport and fitness activity; after because it regenerates the body after the fatigue of the workout, giving you a sense of vitality and lightness. In fact, athletes that practice inversion experience increased performance at the rate of 15- 20%. The inversion is the ideal way of stretching the entire muscle and cartilage structures of the body and to establish vigor and optimal energy recovery. As I explain below, the equalizing of the physical stress provides a revitalizing effect to be noticed instantly. This means that after the exercise you do feel energized instead of tired.

      Maintaining spinal alignment: Any form of exercise produces some limited side-force, we call “negative stress” with consequential negative effects or even shifts of the spinal column and intervertebral discs. To this effect, imagine some rough sports like Football and Hokey, which demand frequent huge body impacts, but also all the others exercises that produce uneven muscle build-up, which shifts the posture of the spinal column. A slipped or herniated disc is rather common problems among sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts, because of the uneven built-up muscles that shifts the spine out of its ideal position due to negative stress. Moreover, most equipment offer no spinal support during exercises and force users to perform exercises under incorrect spinal posture. We may say then that still in 2010 most equipment and programs in use in gyms and sports centers are badly designed or unscientific because uncoordinated kinesiologically or bio-mechanically incorrect. Indeed some may cause short and long-term injuries not only to the spine, but to the entire nervous system and the internal organs regulated by it. That is why at Core Fitness System we believe that all exercises should be performed maintaining a correct posture, and with proper spinal support. Presently, Core Fitness System is providing equipment that correct this anomaly.
     As far as we know, there are no equipment and no programs that embrace this important principle either. Also there are no fitness equipment and programs designed to realign, reacquire and enhance the correct posture of the spine. The question here is: how do you realign or maintain proper spinal alignment? The answer is : only with the use of our Motorized Inversion Gravity Machine.
The Motorized Inversion Machine, unlike the common inversion tables, realigns the spine gradually from the pelvis to the cervical area as to bring back the spine’s natural curvature, which contributes to better body balance, agility and performance. Good realignment allows the vertebra and discs to be perfectly in place thereby preventing injuries such as slip disc, pinched nerves, thorn cartilages etc.

Promoting flexibility of the spine: Promoting flexibility is just as important as decompressing and realigning the spinal column. Excessive muscle build up around the torso tends to stiffen the spinal column. A stiff spine is prone to accidents at the first false movement. The stretching of the ligaments especially  the "fascia" and the muscles that wraps the spinal columns, produce a more flexible spine that can take any stress and do any movement without injuries. Therefore it is possible to build muscle structure and have a flexible spine.
The Motorized Inversion Machine, unlike the common inversion tables, offers a total stretching of the cartilage and muscles surrounding the vertebral column producing maximum flexibility of same.

Applying the general principles of muscle dynamics: Muscle dynamics require equal forces of contraction and traction for optimal performance and healthy development. A chimpanzee on a tree performs the motions of contraction and traction on an equal measure and obtains great muscle resilience and performance. No reason why an athlete could not achieve the same results. The gentle and controlled stretching by one’s body weight of the muscles and ligaments is important in order to promote general flexibility throughout. Allowing more blood and vital lymph into the muscle fibers and ligaments, revitalizes and prevents tearing the same. Over the years, fitness instructors and manufactures have come up with many ways and many devices to stretch muscles, but none seem to meet these safety requirement. For instance, observe some users doing common sit ups and follow the dynamic of the stress arising from the head down, which is the heaviest part of the body, traveling all the way down to the lower back, the weakest part of the body and then check our Strictly Abdominal Bench and you see what I am speaking about. Muscle and cartilage fibers have a stretching tolerance, which is determined by their biological structure.  It is good to stretch before and after exercising, but let us make sure we do not apply too much force  to a single set of muscles or a crucial point in the spine -- more force than one's own body weight. Since humans have similar origins, we can establish that the chimpanzee hanging from a tree stretches the body only in accordance to its body weight. Inverting the gravity of the body is the healthiest form of stretching exercise and the best way to obtain maximum muscle performance. Most sports, such as running, tennis, football, baseball, basketball, etc. also require muscle promptness, prompt reflexes, agility and strength, all of which can be obtained by inverting the gravity of the body.
The Motorized Inversion Machine offers a gentle and total stretch of the body in the shortest time. In fact, there is no more effective and safer way to stretch the entire body at once.

      Improving Circulation: The heart is a muscle sending blood supply to the entire body upon demand. This means that in the inverted position certain parts of the body  that receive less blood in the normal standing position will receive more blood as a result of inversion. Consequently, blood pressure is equalized and decreases throughout the body by natural law. Inversion thus represents a good exercise to maintain a healthy heart, loweriing blood pressure and pumping more blood into the capillaries as a result, which produces a revitalizing effect to the entire body before and after exercising. The effect of inversion practice therefore has a greater energizing effect than any nutrition supplements or drugs currently used and one can feel the immediate revitalizing effect and a sense of wellness on the body especially after workout.
The Motorized Inversion Machine, reverses and lowers blood pressure throughout the body allowing better performance before sport and exercise, with quick recovery of energy after sport and exercise. One must try to believe it.

Empowering the mind: Both Eastern and Western philosophies have preached a unity of mind and body in order to achieve wellness and maximize performance of the body. Some cultures have practiced inversion and head standing positions for thousands of years. At Core Fitness we take a scientific approach. I begin by saying that the brain is the power center of all neural energy. It is connected to the rest of the body by the spinal cord and the two major communication nerve lines of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems. Inversion gravity gently stretches the nerves along the spine providing an increased neural energy and feeling on each vertebra of the spine. This spinal awareness is very helpful in managing and maximizing the energy that flow along the spinal cord for peak performance, prompt reflexes, muscle power and form. Exercising in the inverted position centers and empowers the mind  to control and deliver energy to that part of the body being exercised. Since all exercises start in the mind, we at Core Fitness System, Inc. Offer a method that revolutionizes the entire industry with mind-body fitness program we call Rachael Inversion Exeercise Routine (c), which centers the spine and control the energy delivered to the muscles. Control is empowering the mind to deliver the rigtht amount of energy is especially important in sport activities when that extra measure of strenght is needed, for instance, just before the finish line or to avoid contact with the horizontal bar in the high jump. However, energy control and power of the mind is also a preventive and corrective and healing capacity of the mind just as it was practiced by the Sufi tribes more than 11 thousand years ago. Core Fitness System, Inc. thus offers methods to exercise the mind, which is primary in maintaining the peak perfomance of the of the spinal cord in particular. In fact why exercise if by such stress we damage the spine which is the the support and control center of the body?
     The Ultimate Conditioning for sports activity and advanced fitness. Studies have now confirmed the power of the mind in conveying energy to some parts of the body more effectively thus improve health and performance. The spinal  cord controls all parts of the body, including internal organ's health and performance. Exercises and sport actions, like all other actions, originate in the mind. The coordination of movements, the delivery of muscle power when needed, the balance and equilibrium of the body, and the determination and endurance of the brain are all modifiable and improvable physiological characteristics. One must apply the will to perform and exercise, but also the correct amount of determination and force to achieve results. At any given moment the command to move muscles is given by the mind's firing of neurons along the nervous system. This means that the mind is the power control performing any exercise and such power is enhanced by concentration and visualization of the dynamics of the part of the body being exercised. Because the mind powers  determination, strength and endurance depend on the control of the neural flux, mind  exercises means improving all of the above because the mind can learn to consciously send energy and revitalize or heal any part of the body just with the power of concentration. This fact has been proved scientifically by detecting the passage of neurons and at any given command and measuring their heat causation with infrared ray devices. The flux of neurons in the spinal cord, as well as total body awareness, are a part of mind’s power and control and can be achieved by anyone also with the practice of visualization. Thus when exercising, take the time for mind concentration and abandon any kind of entertainment, then concentrate your thought and visualization on that part of the body you want to develop and heal. With this practice you will obtain immediate results. Harmony and readiness of the entire nervous system depends entirely on spinal awareness. In order to maximize energy expenditure at will during sport performances and exercises you need an aware, strong and determinate mind. This means that with the power of concentration the effectiveness of the exercise or sport performance is pushed to the maximum.
The Motorized Inversion Machine by inverting the body helps obtain the mind's conscious control, concentration of energy in the spinal cord, body readiness and maximum performance.

Counting the other benefits. Many medical studies have been conducted on gravity inversion of the body. We can offer some on our website. There are many more health benefits to be obtained by our Motorized Inversion Gravity Machine, such as reactivation of capillary vessels, cure and prevention of varicose veins, cleansing of urinary tracts and organs, intestinal tracts, etc. A list of medical studies dealing with these benefit can be found on our website.
All these extra benefits contribute to the general well being and to the performance of the body.
     The  Core Fitness System comprises other revolutionary designs that  preserve and enhance the health and integrity of the body. Our All Abdominal Machine, and Strictly Abdominal Bench, The Horizontal Rotary Torso, and a brand new line of abdominal and strength machines currently in progress of design and development perform various tasks in the most effective way and replace several obsolete equipment currently in use in gyms, rehabilitation and sport centers. You will find more information by clicking on the individual buttons of our website. www.corefitnesssystemtm.com
     At Core Fitness System,  we look at the future of the fitness industry and thus devote, intelligence, extra care and concern to the prevention of short and long term injuries. As I explained, such injuries can be prevented by paying attention to and by adopting basic physiological principles of body dynamics. "By no stretch of the imagination," the fitness industry must rely on accurate knowledge of the natural laws governing both body dynamics and body functions in order to exist and advance. Most importantly, the adoption of equipment that embody accurate knowledge will bring a competitive edge to your company, reduce insurance costs generate greater profits, strengthen the industry, and offer beneficial services to society at the same time.
     Therefore, I invite all leaders in the fitness industry such as yourself to consider our patented or patent pending products, and in particular, and to try our Motorized Inversion Machine, a truly necessary and mandatory piece of equipment to be used before and after all exercises for the ultimate body conditioning. All our machines constitute a real breakthrough in the industry. I believe that the important necessary benefits offered by our equipment greatly contribute to the effectiveness of the fitness exercises, the health and safety of consumers.
     Let us all in the fitness industry move along the lines of scientific achievements, for at the moment, while this industry creates enthusiastic fitness people, it also produces short and long term candidates for lower back problems. Again, statistics demonstrate the increasingly staggering number of back injuries, which increases insurance costs and makes the rehabilitation industry a thriving one.
    At Core Fitness System, Inc. we have analyzed several equipment widely used in gyms being responsible for long terms back problems and we are now designing new ones that are safe and can do the job correctly and effectively. We are eager to present our new ideas to you.
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Dr. Raffaele M. Pandozy,
Founder of  Core Fitness System Inc.